Five key rappers in Hip-Hop’s future.

First off, honourable mentions. I had to spend quite a while picking these rappers, and I still am debating in my head if I picked the right ones, so here are five rappers who made the short list.

Black Zheep DZ

This dude has released some amazing mixtapes and his single ‘Ice-Hot’ is in my opinion one of the best releases in a while. His videos also boast ridiculously beautiful shots.


If you clicked the link and thought it was the same rapper as before,  it isn’t, they just happen to be good friends. GoldLink has been blowing up recently and his spot on the XXL Freshmen 2015 list will only help boost his image. You’ve probably heard some of his tracks going off at parties or in the club, and with only one mixtape to his name so far, you can expect a lot more.

Nacho Picasso

I only recently discovered Seattle’s Nacho Picasso, but I’m glad I did. He sounds like Gucci Mane on psychedelic drugs (I’m not saying Gucci has never done them, but you get the idea). He’s got a distinct flow and a quite distinctive voice.

Tokyo Shawn/Towkio

SAVEMONEY member Towkio (FKA as Tokyo Shawn) is going to be the next breakout star from that collective. With an impressive mixtape release in ‘.Wav Theory’, he has dropped a track with production from Kaytranada called ‘Reflection’ (click the link for it) and I believe it will be as big of a hit as other SAVEMONEY member Vic Mensa’s summer banger ‘Down On My Luck’

A$ton Matthews

I was lucky enough to see this guy I’d never heard of support A$AP Rocky when he played Manchester, England a couple years back. He had Joey Fatts there with him too, the two make up two thirds of collective Cutthroat Boyz (along with Vince Staples). He had good energy and a ton of wrestling references which was a plus for me. He dropped what I consider one of the mixtapes of the year last year in Aston 3:16.

Keep a look out for these guys, but without further ado, here are the five rappers I believe hold Hip-Hop’s future in their hands.

Ace Cosgrove

To me, Ace Cosgrove sounds like a mix between Ab-Soul and Danny Brown. With mixtapes “UsVsRobots” and “Simple Criticism” being two of his that stand out, he has a very bright future. With superb beats from the like of Royal helping him, he has garnered some attention but not nearly enough that he deserves, with only 10k views he put up two years ago, it shows some gems go undiscovered for a while. He recently turned 21 and is set to release new music soon, so keep checking the airwaves for what this guy has to drop.

Ro Ransom

The man who dubs himself the future has to find a way onto this list. With some success under his previous name Nero and a good FreEp with Rich Hill ‘Howling at Hades’, he changed his name to Ro Ransom and has not looked back since. Dropping one of the better mixtapes this side of 2010 in Ransomnia, which included features from Trae tha Truth and Casey Veggies as well as production from Travi$ Scott, he made himself known. He took what seemed like a hiatus after putting out a few tracks (including a refix of Eminem’s ‘Just Don’t Give A Fuck’ and Lesbian Girl which was an homage to Aaliyah’s ‘If Your Girl Only Knew’) only to release three mixtapes last year. Ro Ransom Is The Future, a ‘Bonus Disc’ to that and also a mixtape only available to members of Coyote Yakuza. This guy is on a different planet and is definitely top ten in recent years. Keep your ears peeled for him.

Lucki Eck$

Chi-Town native Lucki Eck$ success has been well documented amongst many Hip-Hop fans. Helping lead Chicago’s new style of hip-hop, he found a good medium between influences from his hometown like Chief Keef and Vic Mensa. With three outstanding mixtapes, he raps in a dark brooding style on some whilst others are the opposite. A recent collab with Chance the Rapper has only helped further his image. I was stuck on whether to put him, Ran$ah or Monster Mike on this list, but Lucki’s new mixtape ‘X’ helped me make my decision.


He’s been around for a while without mainstream success which is beyond me. Me and friend recently talked about him and said he has the “fat boy style” seen with Chuck Strangers and even Biggie to an extent. The beats he uses are out of this world and he is a very eccentric personality within Hip-Hop. His mixtape “Fantasy Beds” was criminally underrated and unexposed, using beats from Clams Casino he seems to have perfected the ‘Based rap’ so many people pander to hear. It’s only a matter of time until he reaches new heights.

Travi$ Scott

The biggest name on this list had to be saved till last of course. Travi$ Scott or ‘LA FLAME’ has been a favourite for years and has arguably more popularity than most rappers out. With his debut mixtape ‘Owl Pharaoh’ he created an amazing mixtape. He’d recently just been signed to G.O.O.D music and you can tell by the way it sounds. Obvious influences from Kid Cudi are in his music as he has that sort of emo, psychedelic, cynical style which he has perfected. His second release ‘Days Before Rodeo’ got a lot of love from critics and got mainstream attention. He honestly dropped a masterpiece, with features from Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan and Big Sean. He has also become a fashion icon of such, which tumblr going crazy for him. ‘Rodeo’ is set to become one of the best hip-hop releases in recent memory with bangers like 3500 already being dropped.

Do you agree with this list? Anybody you think should be on it instead? Please let me know in the comments below. 


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