Look out for: Lucki Eck$

Any hip-hop head prides themselves on knowing the next big thing. You’ll hear people who say they have known Drake since before he dropped Comeback Season or somehow somebody found Kendrick’s Youngest Head Nigga in Charge (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year) mixtape when it first dropped.

But despite all that, here is the first article in a series of (hopefully) many that will help expose the next big things in hip-hop, and you’ll be able to drop a track here or there at a party and be known as the hip-hop King amongst your friends.

So without further ado, the first rapper in the series:

Lucki Eck$

This Chi-Town native is making waves in the hip-hop world and has been doing so for a while. With his own genre self-dubbed ‘Alt Trap’ (which is coincidentally the name of his first mixtape) Lucki has a sound that people have longed to hear without knowing so. He has seemingly taken the best aspects of Chicago rap and made a unique sound. Think Fredo Santana crossed with Towkio. He only recently turned 19, but has had an influential impact on Chicago’s underground scene, including some of the SAVEMONEY members. Usually rapping over some minimalistic beats, his wordplay and lyricism is something to be admired, as he raps from drug dealing for all of Chicago to brawling like William Regal.

His Alternative Trap mixtape was what helped him blow up, alongside that the release of the hit Count On Me saw him get recognised as a leading force in Chicago’s scene. Collaborating a lot with the likes of Ran$ah and Monster Mike who share a similar style you can see his influence in their music, on top of these collaborations he’s also worked with King Krule, Chance The Rapper and Danny Brown. Heavily featured on websites like 2DopeBoyz and Pigeons & Planes, he’s been getting some underground recognition but it’s surely only a matter of time for him to blow up more and get some real appreciation. With the likes of Chance and Vic blowing up and both being from Chicago, people are looking to The Windy City for the next musical maestro, and Lucki Eck$ is surely in with a shout.

With his latest mixtape ‘X’ being one of the hottest releases of 2015 – which is a compliment that should be taken seriously considering the quantity of projects released so far – Eck$ shows no signs of letting up on the rap game. He really is one to follow and definitely one to check out. The song ‘Lowlife’ from his new mixtape has so many quotable lines such as “I’m a selfish guy delete your instagram bae.” Whilst ‘Still Steal’ has a beautiful sample of Still Tippin by Mike Jones.

Be sure to follow him on twitter: @LUCKIX197  &  Instagram : luckiecks and check out his Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/boob7.

Check X below:


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