Joint albums that need to happen.

In the wake of rumours running high about a Kendrick and J.Cole joint album – and with a Drake & Future album dropping last week – I asked myself a question…Who do I really want to see on a joint album?

This a list of joint albums that I feel need/ed to happen, and might even let some of you discover some new rappers. I took into consideration similar style, years active and associates and I’ll try not to use the same rapper twice. So here we go!

ab-soul + danny brown

Ab-Soul & Danny Brown

These two aren’t strangers to each other, having hooked up on Ab-Soul’s Terrorist Threats back in 2012. The styles on the song moulded  so seamlessly together and left everyone wanting more. It’s been said Danny Brown was so close to signing with TDE so in another universe maybe this would have happened already but there is still a chance it’ll happen. Both Soulo and Danny Brown can switch topic from drugs to deep, childhood memories in an instant so to hear them go back and forth with each other essentially one-upping the other would be amazing.


ScHoolboy Q & A$AP Rocky

If the previous two weren’t strangers to each other then these two are pretty much bestfriends as far as music goes. Having featured on multiple songs together, every time you hear about a Q & Rocky song (which is every album release from either) you get excited. A joint album between these two maybe isn’t so far-fetched given how much they’ve worked together and also a joint album between any TDE & A$AP Mob members is sure to get some crazy features. Just imagine a TDE and A$AP Mob cypher, damn.


Ghostface Killah & Action Bronson

Probably the most unrealistic album on the list, Ghostface and Bronson would make such a dope album if they could just put this beef aside. Of course the similarities between them have been noticed by people, so much so that Ghostface threatened to gut Bronson like a pig. Worse things have been said in hip-hop though. But seriously, hearing the similar styles and flows would be crazy, the storytelling by both rappers alone is enough to shake up the rap game if this album ever occurred. It’s not as if Tony Starks can’t still go as seen with his last album as well. Two New York greats from different eras, telling stories, selling dreams and spitting some killer rhymes is something dreams are made of and makes this a joint album that needs to happen.


Childish Gambino & MF DOOM

Whilst the world might be waiting for that Gambino/Chance joint album, or Madvillainy 2, DOOMSTARKS, DANGERDOOM – the list goes on with DOOM – album, this would be a joint album people don’t realise they want. Gambino’s new, non-materialistic, quiet rap style would compliment DOOM’s quite extravagant style. It would also add to the list of crazy good DOOM collab albums and him rapping under his Viktor Vaughn moniker whilst you have Gambino going back to his Sick Boi days would be something extraordinary and very memorable. These two can also rap about pretty much anything and it would mix so well, not to forget the fact the metaphors and punchlines we’d get from these two would be mind blowing.


Chief Keef & RiFF RAFF

Now whilst this one seems quite ludicrous at first, it shouldn’t upon second thought. RiFF is better than people give him credit for and if you want proof, look at BiRD ON A WiRE in which he has a better verse than Action Bronson. Chief Keef isn’t a stranger to gimmick rappers or comedic ones, as seen with a recent song with Andy Milonakis. This album would be abstract and also bring together two of the more distinctive, enjoyable rappers together for what would surely be a great album. The two polar opposite flows would make for interesting songs throughout the album.


Skepta & Drake

Skepta and Drake have been quite buddy buddy in the past few months, a song together and constant cosigns over Insta, alongside them performing together at Wireless. A lot has been rumoured between the two in terms of songs and many are expecting Drake to have a feature on Skepta’s long awaited Konnichiwa album and also for Skepta to be on Views From The 6. Whilst both of these would be good, a joint album is really what people want. A grime veteran and legend with arguably one of the biggest hip-hop names ever (yes, it’s true whether you like it or not) would be good exposure more on grime’s part but is also one of the most wanted things in music. We’ll have to see if anything comes into fruition, as it’s pretty certain at least another song will come from the two.


Tyler, The Creator, Pusha T & Pharrell

Whilst this one seems a bit bizarre, it does make sense – to me at least. Tyler and Pharrell have been working together for a while now, and have been friends it seems for a few years. Whilst Pusha T and Pharrell go way back, a joint album of just them two was sought after for years, but why not do that now and add one of the most exciting and creative rappers of all time into the mix too? Tyler’s outrageousness would blend perfectly with Pharrell’s smooth voice and Pusha T’s mean, brooding flow. All have worked with one another in the past with great outcomes so surely an album with all three on is a recipe for success.

robb banks

Robb Banks & Denzel Curry

Two of the most exciting Florida rappers have been making quite a buzz for a while. Having linked up previously before, the chemistry between these two is there. Both previous affiliates of the illustrious Raider Klan, they have gone on to have much more successful careers outside of the Klan. Denzel recently released a double EP to critical acclaim and Robb Banks has been releasing consistently impressive music for a long time now. A joint album would help push both their careers forward just like FreshVeggies did for Rockie Fresh & Casey Veggies. It’s a good point in their careers to make said move.


The Cohort & Flatbush Zombies

This is what hip-hop needs. Since Keith Ape released It G Ma with a collective of Japanese/Korean rappers, their rap game has been a talking point in hip-hop, with similarities being drawn to American artists ever since. Flatbush would be able to mix with The Cohort well due to their flamboyant presence and risk-taking style in the rap game, they’re known for setting new trends and breaking stereotypes. An Asian/American crossover has been needed for a while, the only recent taste of it I can remember is J $tash’s track with Kohh and Andy Milonakis.  I debated placing Project:Brainwash here instead of The Cohort but the talent from Okasian, Jay Allday, Keith Ape and Reddy (amongst others in the group) was too good to miss.

There you are, a list of dream joint albums. With Christmas round the corner, it’s time to get praying. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments below.


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