The Warehouse Project

Ape is celebrating it’s 10 birthday on the 30th October with The Warehouse Project and the talent they have for it is unbelievable. Run The Jewels make their first ever WHP appearance and fresh off of his American success, Skepta. Alongside these two are a host of names from Preditah to the legendary General Levy. This event is not to be missed and if you’re lucky enough to have tickets you should hang on to them for what is sure to be an amazing event, as all tickets are sold out!

The sheer talent on show here is ridiculous, as Run The Jewels are arguably the hottest and most creative force in recent hip-hop years, with their remix album Meow The Jewels dropping soon. El-P and Killer Mike have been around for years too, El starting with Company Flow and Killer getting a Grammy after his verse official verse. Having seen these guys at Leeds Festival this year, you don’t want to miss the energy and charisma they bring as everything they do is electrifying. If you don’t know these guys by now you need to get to know. Check out below one of their songs below:

The other big name on the list is Skepta. The grime veteran’s name has been a hot name to book after his recent success in America. Recently pictured in the studio with Pharrell, this year has been massive for Skepta to  say the least. Travelling around America, getting cosigns from Kanye, Drake, Travi$ Scott and more, he’s reached a mainstream audience and shows no signs of slowing down. Despite all the international love Skeppy might be getting, he still shows England the love it deserves. Especially The Warehouse Project, as he was there last week with brother Jme. This just helps promote WHP as a leading force in entertainment and shows that with all the smaller acts they bring in, they also draw the big names. Check the track below for some classic Skepta:

The Warehouse Project really is one of a kind, as it’s a range of big names and smaller ones in one venue on any given night. For example, a brilliant act like Levelz will be getting the recognition they rightly deserves alongside big names in their hometown of Manchester due to the mass of people coming for the two bigger names. It helps give artists a format to project music live, and really gain a new audience. Alongside Warehouse Project, events like Parklife help do the same, and they share one correlation: Manchester. It really is a place where musicians can kickstart their careers and really launch off.

All in all, The Warehouse Project is what music needs right now, and if you’re a music fan, you need to be there. The atmosphere alone is enough to persuade anyone to go, mixed with the feeling of seeing your favourite artists and/or finding a new one you can show off to your friends about. Be sure to keep up to date with all news about WHP here and give their Facebook a like & their Twitter a follow.

Words by Rohan Parmar


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