Two Worlds Collide: Justin Bieber & Big Narstie

Grime has been on an upwards surge in the past year or so. Ever since Skepta dropped That’s Not Me and then proceeded to take the US by storm, people worldwide have taken notice of the British-grown genre. But nobody expected to ever see global phenomenon Justin Bieber in a picture with grime favourite Big Narstie.

At Ed Sheeran’s movie premiere, Bieber, Sheeran and Narstie (who was apparently ‘white boy wasted’) posed for a picture together which ended up on the BDL leader’s instagram:

Me ed Justin bieber I am white boy wasted riding my buzz tho BDL u cunts #base

A post shared by Big Narstie (@bignarstie) on

Now whilst nobody is expecting Justin Bieber to get a BDL tattoo just yet, he did reply to the Insta post through twitter with one simple word:

Also spotted with the artist formerly known as NAA on the night was Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams (Arya Stark):

As my night watch begin last nite arlya stark I was so gassed I cud shit

A post shared by Big Narstie (@bignarstie) on

This of course is big for grime, as Bieber is one of the most recognisable people on the planet. Now of course Sheeran was in the middle of them but still, it means something and with Bieber’s recent rise in his ‘urban’ music as some would say, maybe something with Big Narstie could possibly happen?

It isn’t the first time grime artists have linked up with big names, back in 2005 when Twista was at the top of his game, Lethal B linked up with him (as well as Kray Twinz and Gappy Ranks) to make a song together, and it wasn’t too long ago that Ed Sheeran himself was reported to be making a joint album with Compton native The Game.

Who knows what this spells out for grime now though? We’ll have to wait and see, all we know is that Bieber in the grime scene would do wonders (as well as most likely kill all the British street credibility it has) for the genre.

Be sure to follow Big Narstie on Instagram and Twitter to check for anything else.

Words by Rohan Parmar


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