Bars to make your jaw drop.

There’s an abundance of bars in both hip-hop and grime that make you reel up with excitement because of how good it was, but then you get some bars that make you think “what? did they just say that?” Either if it’s through the horror of the bar or just the surprising element of it.

This article is for those bars, the shocking, horrific and sometimes disgusting bars that you may or may not know. Without further ado here it goes.

“Don’t they know my nigga Gutter fuckin’ kidnap kids
Fuck ’em in the ass, throw ’em over the bridge 
Notorious B.I.G // What’s Beef

This is just downright weird. Did he say he was boys with a paedophile? How did this even get cleared, damn. Honestly when I first heard it I paused it and considered what I was listening to, rewound it and was just as shocked as the first time. Even some of the best have some moments they may want to forget, but then again it does show the extent some real thugs go to.

“I’m going on like I can’t wait to die:
Yeah well, I never had any patience” Ghetts // Artillery

Ghetts goes hard on most tracks but this one is more memorable than most and this bar gets me every time. Such a cold delivery to compliment a cold track, Ghetts verged on suicidal with it. Bravo to him for managing to prove to everyone with this song – the bar in particular – that he just doesn’t give a fuck. One of the grime greats.


“Now they wanna hear a country nigga rap
Five albums in, I swear a country nigga snap” Big K.R.I.T // Mt. Olympus 

Krizzle’s recognised reply to Kendrick’s infamous verse (I’ll get to that later) was amazingly dope. Nobody really expected it from him and he went crazy on this one. The reason this bar made jaws drop was just how raw it actually was, you could feel the anger in his voice and his disdain with the rap game’s fickle fans. Five albums and only now people are recognising him? Regardless, K.R.I.T is one of the best around today.

“And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale
Pusha T, Meek Millz, A$AP Rocky, Drake
Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller” Kendrick Lamar // Control

Of course this had to be mentioned, Kendrick sent for 11 of the top names in hip-hop in the summer of 2013. It caused so much controversy and his popularity skyrocketed over night, I remember having fans of indie bands coming up to me and talking to me about it, it was a crazy time for the scene. Nobody saw this one coming but it really cemented his spot as one this generation’s greats.

“I was there with Billy Jacobs and I raped his mum too.” Immortal Technique // Dance With The Devil

This is the end to one of the greatest stories ever told. After taking us on a journey through the underworld of New York , Tech drops a line that had people in awe, not because the bar was so complex or dope but just because how dark it was in context. Immortal Technique said he raped this guy’s mum with his friends. So, so dark. The truth behind the statement has been debated ever since with Technique saying it wasn’t true to him but does happen all over.

“Dick sucking lips”  NaS // Ether

When NaS sent for Jay-Z it was like the rap game imploded on itself. Everybody wiled out and it was this line that had people talking. Even if it was just for comedic value, people couldn’t help but talk about it, such a funny, inventive diss. Of course there were more lyrical and shocking bars on the track but this is the one that stands out. Bravo NaS.

“If you don’t wanna play gun to mum, let’s play knife to wife I’ll stab bitches I’m cruel. Why waste a clip? I’m poor.” Kano // Ghetto Kyote

Speaking of Nas, the UK’s closest thing to him dropped this line in one of his first tracks. Showing the raw and gritty side to his life, Kano exposed the criminal activity someone like him would get up to. Talking about knifing wives and shooting mums, that’s dark Kano. That isn’t to say this isn’t a good bar though, one of the most consistent MC’s in grime, Kano has bars for days and this is just one side of him.

“Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome.” Tyler, The Creator // Tron Cat

Tyler has always been a bit against the norm to say the least and this bar confirmed it. Mentioning rape in any context is always a bit touchy – as seen with the aforementioned Immortal Technique track – but Tyler definitely crossed the line without even thinking about it. A lyric that subsequently got him banned from entering the UK, it’s no surprise that people turned on Tyler for this lyric.

“I had a dream I publicly beheaded the queen, whist Jadasea rolled into the cabinet and started bodybagging shit, then we both toetagged that bitch named Kate and her man William” Rago Foot of Sub Luna City // Salmanders Passage

A relatively unknown song, this comes from the modern classic album City Rivims Mk 1, an album which explores the inner city life and feelings amongst youths, this summing up some of their thoughts towards the royal family and the government. It’s so shocking because I’ve never heard anything like it. Nobody has really, well, sent for the royal family and the government, until now. Talk of toetagging and bodybagging helped promote this album to masses of a few, but it really didn’t get the hype or success it deserved. Check it out here:

“Yo’ eyes get, blind like 2Pac gettin shot in the lobby” Bigg Jus of Company Flow // Bad Touch Example

This bar is untouchable and truly jaw dropping. Flipping the album name of All Eyez On Me, Pac’s legendary album and mentioning Pac getting shot in Biggie’s lobby was unheard of. Nobody had really mentioned the shooting outside of affiliated parties, but on the come up was Company Flow – which also included El-P. This was all after Tupac’s death but it still brought around some shock due to people never thinking they’d hear somebody mention it in such a way again.

“Throw your loved  in oven cook ’em up Nazi style” Meechy Darko of Flatbush Zombies // Mini Van Dan 

There’s a few Meech bars I could have picked, his comparison to himself being Hitler at a Bar Mitzvah or telling people to ‘Chris Benoit’ themselves. But this one sticks out to me the most as shocking, such a hard, downright sickening bar to begin a verse with. People criticised Meech and called him insensitive but that’s just how music is sometimes, he wasn’t doing it to be malicious but instead to be inventive. Meech is a lyricist that will never fail to drop a few jaws.

“Put Molly all up in champagne, she ain’t even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it” Rick Ross // U.O.E.N.O

This bar from Rick Ross sparked up so much controversy. Lyrics condoning date rape never seem to go down well especially if you’re a Reebok ambassador, he was dropped from his sponsorship and highly criticised. He apologised and said he didn’t mean it, but he laid down the vocals for the track knowing full well what he said. The thought of Rick Ross dateraping somebody is enough to make anybody want to throw up, this is what helped it be so jawdroppingly shocking.

“When I was twelve, I went to hell for snuffing Jesus” NaS // Live at the Barbeque


NaS’ introduction into rap also gets him a second mention on this list, what a way to introduce yourself. NaS isn’t really a horrorcore rapper so looking back it was bizarre to know he said this but he turned a lot of heads and blew up almost immediately with the verse spat on this track, this line standing out most.

“A girl ask me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye” Big L // No Endz, No Skinz

Big L was a horrorcore rapper through a through, so there’s no surprise he had his fair share of jaw dropping bars. This one sticks out the most as he’s talking so casually about beating up a woman, something that nowadays would be deemed so inappropriate the rapper’s career would be ruined. But this was Big L, this was the 90’s and hip-hop artists had so much free reign over their music. Instead of giving this girl a damn piece of jewellery he punched her, Big L was on some next shit.

“So think on it get that deep thought through your pregnant head” Lowkey // The Warning (Chipmunk diss)

Back before Bugzy and Chip had beef, Chipmunk got slewed by one of the most talented rappers of all time. After a nasty twitter exchange, Lowkey sent for Chipmunk and had a vast variety of insults, this was the pick of the litter though. He called him pregnant head! It’s a shame Chimpunk’s reply was so sub-par that Lowkey didn’t even reply as it would have been good to hear some more jabs at him, but Lowkey remains the guy who definitely won his beef with Chipmunk.



That’s all! Comment below if you think I missed any out or what you think the most jaw dropping line of all time is. 

words by Rohan Parmar.


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